Buying a pre-owned watch

There are many types of luxury watches on the current market. Vintage timepieces are incredibly popular today, sought after by both collectors and fans of brands alike, with many willing to go to great lengths to get the watch of their dreams.

If you’ve decided to splash your cash on a luxury watch, the last thing you’ll want to do is get a counterfeit or broken timepiece. While pre-worn watches can offer buyers the chance to own a statement piece at a fraction of the ‘new’ price, there are a few things to consider before you part with your money.
Be careful where you purchase

It’s always recommended to buy from a recognized dealer or shop when it comes to luxury watches – pre-worn or new.

If the price seems too cheap, it probably is

A timepiece that seems considerably underpriced runs the risk of being either counterfeit, stolen or a ‘Frankenstein’ watch – that is, that is contains parts from other watches.

Look out for faults and scratches

The condition is a major factor in how a watch will appreciate.

Check the seller is offering a warranty

A genuine seller would be able to tell you where they purchased your pre-worn watch from. This means they could also run checks to ensure the watch was never stolen.
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